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Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Every photo shoot comes with lot of fun, encompassing different people which results in creating amazing images to be cherished for life!! But it’s not that easy as real story is behind the scene, be it a big or small assignment.

The effort starts from the day when client fixes a day of shoot. Firstly, I have to be mentally prepared and study in details the basic requirements of the client. I always try and discuss everything in detail as first-hand source of information and client’s expectation will come from client only. I also give my inputs and we end up fixing prerequisite such as theme, location, date and time. Next I start focusing on reading, learning about new trends in the industry, brainstorming for innovating ideas to bring dreams into reality. I love playing with new angles, props, poses as photography is an art and real piece only comes with lots of practice and unlimited number of clicks!!!

A day before the photo shoot is very important and my entire focus is to be ready for next day. I ensure that every necessary equipment is available and ready with me. I have to charge batteries for camera and flashes, format memory cards, pack flashes, camera, soft boxes, props, backdrops, lenses and what not. Apart from the regular equipment I have, (shared in my previous post), if I feel that any particular shoot will be best captured with any new/advance/better lens, I go for taking it on rent. As technology is getting advance day by day and better performance lenses are launched in no time. I prefer to opt for better version of any lens. After taking a learning lesson from my one of the personal visits, where I forgot to carry the memory card, now I have a checklist which I tick before leaving for any shoot.

At the day of photo shoot, I generally reach 10-15 minutes early so that I can prepare my equipment, take a quick walk through to get an idea of location. I also take some test shots to prepare for the shoot as it helps me to have a best settings in my camera and also helps me to visualize scene. A lot of efforts goes after the shoot as well but that is altogether a new story which i will share sometime later in another blog :)

Happy Clicking!! Cheers..!!

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