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Life is full of surprises!!! One such came in my life when Vikram decided to quit his corporate career to pursue his passion and start with Vikram Sagar Photography. I have always liked his photography and was amazed to know his hidden talent. But never had I thought of him being so serious of moving in this industry. Day by day his growing interest in photography and zeal to learn about new techniques has made me think that he is more happy here and should be moving ahead in building this new world for himself. He is always fascinated with the work done by photographers from the USA, UK, New Zealand etc. and has made me watch so many videos number of times. I bought him one lens from the USA also which stayed with him for long.

I still remember us going to chandni chownk to buy some of the initial accessories. We were full of ecstasy and we bought the best of equipment to begin with. Our first fashion shoot was something which in unforgettable. We spent almost 7-8 hours for one shoot. I and my brother were helping out as an assistant for the smooth functioning of entire shoot. All we wanted was wonderful shots!!! And I must say we were quite satisfied with the final results. I really appreciate the friendly and easy nature of the model!!! Another shoot I remember was when we woke up early in the morning because it was an outdoor shoot and morning time is the best for such shoots. It’s so unlike feeling when you have to come in different shoes and perform. Many new poses, angles were tried that day which resulted in wonderful shoot. One more shoot is very close to my heart, which is of my friend’s daughter. We had taken so many props and thought of different concepts. However, it was a new learning experience when nothing what we thought was implemented and all together new shots were clicked. After some time, she got bored of giving poses and wanted to play. We had to capture those moments and attitude while keeping her mood happy. All in all we got some great shots.

Sometimes I wonder that how tremendously photography industry has evolved. With the help of technology and advance lenses, something amazing can be made. However, if one doesn’t have that vision to click moments, even technology cannot help much. While assisting Vikram in lead generation, client interaction, I have seen how challenging it is to make client agree to your pricing. Market is full of vivid photographers, however for Vikram it is not just a profession but a passion and he always aspires to provide quality and really can’t compromise on his work. After all it’s a work of human intellect and therefore, only the pictures can boast of the excellence.

It’s quite challenging to be the wife of a budding photographer, but at the same time it’s also important to break that stereotype image within ourselves and take some risk in order to have a brighter future. I am happy that Vikram took that decision and I took my decision to support him till he is known as one of the best photographer in the industry which is going to happen very soon!!!

Happy Clicking..!! Cheers..!!

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