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Updated: Aug 22, 2021

I became the proud owner of my first camera, when I and my office colleagues were planning a trip to Goa in year 2012. That time I was sure to buy a decent camera as in my earlier trips I clicked many pictures with my cell phone and those were a real disappointment. A cell phone can never match image quality with even a decent entry level point and shoot camera. Though there are very few phones in market which has a very good quality but then you have to pay a hefty price to buy them!!!

With the budget of Rs 5,000 in my mind, I started searching for a Point and Shoot camera in Pune. Heard a lot about Canon cameras so started with Canon store and somehow I ended up buying Canon 600D which was my first DSLR or as a matter of fact my first camera. With full excitement, I started roaming around Pune for some clicks. It was the time I started developing taste of photography while reading blogs, news, books, magazines, YouTube videos. To enhance the quality of the images I even purchased Canon’s nifty-fifty 50mm f1.8 after selling my kit lens. This is a brilliant lens at its given price and much much better image quality than the kit lens supplied with the Camera kits. I was much involved in playing with this lens and exploring new places. Many of us are not aware that kit lens, generally 18-55mm, is a basic lens which might be good to start learning photography but if you would like to step up your photography level then it’s not the perfect choice.

By this time I was bitten by Gear Acquisition Syndrome. Most of the time I was on my computer, watching YouTube videos, different online sessions, learning tips and tricks, different techniques in Photography. Within next 6 months, I bought another lens i.e Canon 85mm f1.8. Till this time I was not sure what I wanted to click and with these two lenses was mostly clicking landscapes and portraits during weekend trips to Pune, Goa, Delhi, Jodhpur, Jaipur etc.

Next big news in the industry was Mirror lens cameras and I was hearing a lot about the unique features such as light weight, easy to handle, has all the typical DSLR functions, similar picture quality as most entry level DSLRs etc. By this time I was also planning to upgrade my camera as I was not much satisfied with the quality. I saw a deal on an online portal and out of impulse ordered Fuji X-E1 which was getting lot of praise amongst people. I loved it because of its size, weight and picture quality. Now again I was in a hunt for new lens for my new Camera which ended when I got a deal for Fuji 35mm f1.4 and I instantly bought it. This was the time when I fell in love 35mm focal length because It is the focal length closet to focal composition of human eyes so it provides you a more realistic vantage point. It can be used for multiple purpose like street photography, weddings, pre-wedding etc.

Fuji remained with me for around 1 year and then again hunt started for something more as this industry is so dynamic that I have to upgrade myself regularly. I heard about Full frame Cameras lot of times and always wanted to own one but never bought it because of its high price. By this time I was sure to invest and acquire one full frame camera i.e Canon 6D. This camera is an entry level camera in full frame series but still has a very very good image quality.

Now i am a proud owner of Sony A7R3 which is an excellent camera and helps me a lot to produce quality images for the clients.

Till then Happy Clicking!! Cheers..!!

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