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Updated: Aug 22, 2021

How I started with photography is a very deep question to be answered, still I will give my all to be able to reach to your hearts!!!

It all started when I became the proud owner of my first DSLR in the year 2012, just before visiting Goa as my last trip was not captured in the reel as memorable moments owing to limitations of low quality handset. I never knew before that I have a heck of being a perfectionist in everything I do or I see.

I love travelling to new places and capturing images of people, landscapes... I never realized when my hobby became my passion in no time!!! I started experimenting different poses, lenses, filters, lighting at various locations and started studying photography of my own!!! My days and nights were going on internet and all I wanted was a cup of tea and YouTube!!!

I was so lost in this beautiful world of art that I forgot I am a techie by profession. I switched many Business Groups in my entire career of 10 years as job was never something which satisfied my internal soul!!!

In life, there comes a time when you have to make a choice what to do and what not. My time came last year in 2016 when I was transferred to Mumbai. I started planning to move back to Delhi as my wife had her entire setup in Delhi NCR. Though, I was thinking of doing professional photography for long time and was appreciated for my clicks by my acquaintances and friend but it took me four years to break the stereotype thought of working in 9 to 6 and do something of my own which I like and I can put my blood and sweat in it.

With the love and support of my wife, finally I ventured into being a techie turned photographer and loving every bit of it!!!

Happy reading and happy Clicking..!! Cheers..!!

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