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Purchasing a DSLR is not a big deal but that doesn’t make you a professional photographer. Photography is an art which turns you artist after years of experience, time, training and commitment to get the level of an acclaimed photographer. Special Events like marriage is a one time moment, once gone will not bring the same glow on the face and that’s the reason people celebrate with great pomp and show. Following are the 3 enough to justify reasons to invest in professional photographers.

1. Experience and Skills: You can buy the best equipment but the skills and the experienced are hard earned. A professional can only handle the entire occasion at your comfort, keeps the day flowing, and helps you stick to your time table. They easily blend in the guest take group shots, capture the cousins masti, sister naughtiness, relatives gossips and laughs, playful children, guest at food without missing your single cherishable snap and also allows you chat with guests. A professional photographer has experienced all good and worst, thus they can use their expertise and knowledge to make things run smoothly even in the unsuitable weathers or unfavorable lights, they find the best angle and edit them accordingly.

2. Focused on you: It might sound good to have a friend or family member to take your marriage pics but that's not the sole purpose they are there for. On the flip side they are to enjoy the marriage, meet with guest, and might gravitate towards the members of event they know missing to capture the best while A pro treats everyone same and focusses the length to document you and the special ever day.

3. Dedicated and committed to share the best shots: Hiring professional might add to your expenses but they make it worthy. A professional photographer shortlists the best shot and edit them accordingly. They are committed to deliver you the best case of series of intangible moments of this big day. You spend a lot time, money and efforts to bring the perfection in the eve. You professional will gift you the perfectly created album in the most flattering way.

Indian marriages involves fun, frolic, emotions, and rituals. Impressive and eye pleasing manifestation of its rich culture followed by years of customs and traditions which also includes before marriage events like roka, engagement, mehendi, Sangeet, and many more with the pure intention of happiness, wellbeing, harmony, and prosperity of the couples. Such a beautiful ceremony deserves hands to collect the glimpses at its raw, real and pure state in an affectionate way collecting every minute details of this big day.

At Vikram Sagar Photography you will get assured classic candid photographs that will make make the generations to feel the event. We are amongst the best Delhi based wedding photographers having experience in different regions like Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh and still exploring the more.

You can check out our work portfolio at Wedding Gallery

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