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PlantoTech is an automated hydroponic plant growth system that monitors temperature, humidity, light, water levels, and pH levels. Our system reduces the amount of human intervention required to grow plants, making it easy for households to grow their own fruits and vegetables. Our goal is to provide a sustainable and efficient solution for plant growth.

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During the summer of 2022, I had the opportunity to intern at Total Environment, a renowned firm in the

architectural design, construction and real estate industry. Total Environment's commitment to creating

sustainable and eco-friendly living spaces is evident in every aspect of their work.

I, however, was given the task of ideating and designing what could be done with the construction waste that

was generated at each construction site which included piles of waste wood, stone and glass. I used this to

design and prototype a set of lights, garments, home-products, sculptures, tables , seating and bricks , entirely

from the construction site waste. I then took this further by also repurposing household items that were no longer useable/ being used. 

The Permaculture program 

In 2021, my brother and I created a water collection and cultivation system as part of the 'Total Environment' office landscape to take advantage of the heavy rain and subsequently remediate flooding in the area.  The land was surveyed with the help of local land surveyors and we used this survey plan to identify and create water catchment areas along with a planting plan to help retain the humidity in the soil. 

2 years on, the project is now complete and not only has our design helped tackle issues of flooding but the majority of fruits and vegetables used to cook meals for the employees of Total-Environment are sourced directly from the permaculture cultivation system. 

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The Christmas Monkey Project -  2020

As a a part of the 'Where This Flower Blooms' initiative, 

my brother and I repurposed old socks to create soft toy monkeys with the help of youtube tutorials. These were then used as decorations for Christmas and later donated to underprivileged children as a unique Christmas present.

Christmas monkey project.webp

Where This Flower Blooms was created to inspire people to reduce their negative impact on the natural environment. As a part of the project, we (my brother and I) recently hosted a fundraiser festival. Over 40 artists, poets, authors and singers presented their work, and we were able to fundraise
over INR 300,000 for our 3 partner non-profits (Calcutta Foundation, Re/Make Foundation and Naz Foundation). The festival also marked the launch of our projects, including a school in rural India and a sustainable, climate-conscious fashion brand. Outside the festival, we have conducted many events across the city of Bangalore, to invite people to build projects that dramatically help our environment.

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